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Surviving the Holidays with Braces

At Allen Orthodontist, we’re proud to offer some of the best in orthodontics in Allen, Tx. We offer a wide range of effective braces that are sure to put you on the path toward a straighter and healthier smile. Unfortunately, while wearing braces, you’ll have to be more careful about what you eat. This can be problematic at this time of the year because – besides getting to see your friends and family – one of the most important things about the holidays is the plethora of great foods

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When Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

While many parents understand the importance of their child seeing their dentist for the first time at an early age, it can be a bit more confusing deciding when — or if — your child should see an orthodontist. As your trusted local orthodontist in Allen, TX, Allen Orthodontist is here to help struggling parents understand the importance of early orthodontics and the role it can play in your children’s life for years to come.

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Life After Braces: Helpful Tips to Care for Your Smile

There’s nothing like the feeling of having your braces removed. All of your hard work has paid off, and now you get to see your brand new, beautiful smile for the first time! Dr. Maryam Mojdehi-Barnes absolutely loves seeing the confident smiles that radiate from our patients as they look in the mirror, and she’s committed to seeing those beautiful smiles last a lifetime! Here are some of our best tips for life after braces, to help you provide the best care for your brand new smile.

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How Not to Forget Your Retainers

Finishing your orthodontic treatment and having your braces removed can be an extremely joyous occasion; however, that doesn’t mean you’re completely done with your orthodontic journey. The retention phase is equally important to your overall treatment and retainers are a major part of this phase. If you want your beautiful smile to last, you need to make sure you continue to wear your retainers.

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Why Is Choosing A Good Orthodontist So Important?

Many patients find it difficult to find the orthodontist that fits their needs best. Everyone’s orthodontic journey is different and requires a specialized plan based on what helps them meet their end goals. This is why choosing an orthodontist that is knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous is so important to you as an orthodontic patient. Here are a few things to look for when choosing your orthodontist.

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How to Clean Your Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign is a discreet, convenient option for many patients to achieve a new smile, and we're proud to offer Invisalign treatment for both teenage and adult patients in Allen, TX. Invisalign comes with a number of advantages compared to more traditional treatments like braces, but one thing to keep in mind is that you'll have to take care to keep your aligners clean during treatment. The good news is, cleaning your Invisalign aligners is easy, and with proper care, you can keep your aligners fresh and clean for the duration of your treatment.

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How Does Soda Affect Dental Health?

Soda can severely impact your dental health. In fact, soda is one of the leading causes of dental decay, and regularly consuming soda is detrimental for your teeth. Ultimately, this has to do with the chemical makeup of soda. For many brands, even a 12oz can of soda contains 30 grams of sugar or more—that's the equivalent of nearly 10 teaspoons. When you drink soda, the naturally-occurring bacteria in your mouth break down the sugar into acids. Learn more!

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Braces-Friendly Fourth of July Treats

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by enjoying some delicious patriotic treats? Dr. Maryam Mojdehi-Barnes and her team have put together a list of easy Fourth of July recipes that are both delicious and braces-friendly. Try them out and let us know what you think. Most importantly, have a fun and safe Fourth of July!

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Braces-Friendly Summer Recipes

At the office of Dr. Maryam Mojdehi-Barnes, we want all our patients to have a pleasant treatment experience. While your orthodontist is responsible for moving your teeth into the desired position, you must do your part to make sure your treatment progresses as it should. A few of the things you must do include practicing good oral hygiene, keeping all your appointments and making sure you watch what you eat so you don't damage your braces. Now that summer is here, we would like to share a few braces-friendly recipes that are perfect for enjoying when the weather is hot. All of these recipes are quick and easy to make.

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Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Braces

At the office of Dr. Maryam Mojdehi-Barnes, our mission is to help patients in and around Allen, TX achieve a gorgeous new smile through convenient orthodontic treatment. If you're considering orthodontic treatment for you or your child, there's no better time to do it than summer. Particularly for children, summer offers a number of benefits for starting orthodontic treatment, making the entire process more convenient. Whether you choose braces or Invisalign, summer is the perfect time to straighten your smile!

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Statistics About Smiling & Happiness

Smiling is a universal sign of happiness. No matter what country you go to or what culture you take in, smiling is seen as a sign of happiness and acceptance. The main reason for that is because studies have shown that when a person is smiling, it actually affects certain muscles that can make that person feel happy. When you use these specific muscles, your brain will release endorphins, which are brain chemicals that will induce feelings of pleasure and euphoria. Smiling truly does have the ability to make you happier – even if you have to force yourself into doing so!

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Ten Benefits of Straight Teeth

Many people may think that the benefits of straight teeth are purely about making a person’s smile look better. Well, as your adult and children’s orthodontist in Allen, TX, we at the practice of Dr. Maryam Mojdehi-Barnes couldn’t disagree any more strongly! Having straight teeth benefits patients in a variety of different ways beyond just looking more appealing. We’d like to share with you ten of the most important benefits that straight teeth can provide you with.

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New Year, New Smile!

All of us at the practice of Dr. Maryam Mojdehi-Barnes would like to wish you a Happy New Year! And since it’s a new year, that means one thing – New Year’s resolutions! As your providers of Allen, TX Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, clear braces, and other high-quality orthodontic treatments, we’d like to give you some tips on how to get your dental health off to a wonderful start in 2018. Take these tips into consideration and you’ll have a beautiful, new smile for the new year!

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Braces-Friendly Recipes for the Holidays

Dr. Mojdehi-Barnes and her team are excited to start our new blog! It’s important to us to be in close connection with our patients and this is a great way to do just that! Since we’re headed into the holiday season, we thought we’d kick-start our blog by sharing a few braces-friendly recipes that are perfect to make during this festive time of the year. Whether your child is seeing our Allen, TX orthodontist for two-phase treatment or you're undergoing adult treatment to improve your own smile, we’re confident that everyone in your family will enjoy these tasty dishes that are perfectly safe to eat while wearing braces!

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