How Does Soda Affect Dental Health?

How Does Soda Affect Dental Health?
Posted on 09/28/2018

Dr. Maryam Mojdehi-Barnes is proud to help patients in Allen, TX and the surrounding communities achieve gorgeous new smiles through quality orthodontic treatment. But beyond offering treatments like braces and Invisalign, we strive to be a comprehensive resource for every aspect of maintaining a healthy smile, including dental health. Many patients may not realize that in addition to oral hygiene, diet has a significant impact on oral health. So this might leave you wondering: does soda affect dental health?

Is Soda Bad for Your Teeth?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes—soda can severely impact your dental health. In fact, soda is one of the leading causes of dental decay, and regularly consuming soda is detrimental for your teeth. Ultimately, this has to do with the chemical makeup of soda. For many brands, even a 12oz can of soda contains 30 grams of sugar or more—that's the equivalent of nearly 10 teaspoons. When you drink soda, the naturally-occurring bacteria in your mouth break down the sugar into acids, which attack your teeth and corrode tooth enamel, eventually causing cavities.

The sugar content of soda then begs the question: if soda is so sugary, why don't more sodas taste extremely sweet? The answer lies in one of the other ingredients in soda that damages teeth: acid. Most soda makers balance out the sweetness of the high sugar content with phosphoric acid, which tastes sour. The high sugar and acid content neutralize each other, meaning that despite the saturation of sugar in soda, it doesn't taste sweet. Phosphoric acid is also extremely damaging to dental health, literally corroding the enamel and contributing to decay.

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While it’s okay to enjoy a soda every once in a while, we highly encourage limiting your consumption of soda and other sugary beverages to protect your dental health, especially if you're wearing braces. If you have more questions about the effect of soda on dental health or are interested in orthodontic treatment, we'd be happy to answer them. Reach out to us on our contact page, and the next time you're thinking about indulging in a soda, remember to consider the effect it can have on your dental health.