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Dr. Maryam Mojdehi-Barnes believes everyone deserves a beautiful smile they feel proud of. We're proud to offer world-class orthodontic care to patients of all ages throughout Allen, TX and the surrounding communities. Dr. Mojdehi-Barnes and her team work hard to provide excellent treatment for all our patients. But don't just take our word for it—hear what our patients have to say!

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Hoang Kim Cung    Hoang Kim CungTree

Miss Texas – Hoang-Kim Cung

Hoang Kim Cung Flyer
Hoang Kim Cung Stage

Dear Dr. Mojdehi-Barnes & Staff,
If there had to be one word to describe your office and my overall experience, it would have to be: FANTASTIC. Every time I come into the office, I'm welcomed by happy, smiling and energetic faces. Your vivacious and caring personality make it clear that you have a passion for what you do, which shows in your work. Thanks to you and your team, I have been able to capture the titles of Miss Texas Jr. Teen 2007 (with braces!), Miss Plano Teen USA 2010, and most currently, Miss Texas U.S. 2010. I wish you and your staff all the best, and I know you will continue to spread the gift of incredible smiles.

With Love,

Hoang-Kim Cung

Miss Texas U.S. 2010

Dear Dr. Mojdehi-Barnes,

I have and will continue to recommend your office to anyone that inquires about my orthodontist! I cannot emphasize what a wonderful staff and office atmosphere you have created. Visits are always timely. Procedures are well explained. Scheduling changes are almost always accommodated (thanks, Gayla) without a problem. Not to mention, working me in for every broken bracket, power chain, etc. on a moment’s notice.

Most importantly, your professionalism, honesty and caring attitude have always left me feeling totally confident putting myself in your care. Having every tooth in your mouth moved or twisted is a scary proposition, but I can't imagine trusting anyone else with the job. Not for myself or my family or my friends and neighbors! You have been terrific, and I am thrilled with the results of my treatment.


Lisa J.

Orthodontics Rock


Dear Dr. Mojdehi-Barnes and Staff,

Having two children as patients of yours for a number of years, we have always been impressed with your practice. You and your staff have always been professional and courteous as well as knowledgeable and thorough throughout the course of each treatment received. In addition, your office is lovely, both welcoming and well maintained.

Thanks to all for giving Amanda and Eric such beautiful smiles! We would certainly recommend your services to our friends!


Lori K.

Wonderful Christmas Review

I want to thank Dr. Mojdehi-Barnes for making this such a positive experience. Getting braces "late in life" isn't an easy process, but she was so encouraging throughout the process, I knew that I was in good hands and that the results would be outstanding. And I was right! The doctor and I spoke of her artists' eye and how she applies it to her patients' smiles. She took a great deal of effort to craft my new smile!

I also want to thank each and every member of her staff. They played a big part in my care. Their technical expertise made my smile one I'm proud to show, and they were all so friendly, patient and caring throughout the two-year process.

Thank you all!

Karen A.

Wendy Grandell

Mrs. Texas – Wendy Grandell
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Wendy Grandell Review

Dear Dr. Mojdehi-Barnes,

What an amazing experience I have had with you and your team. Your beautiful personality and warm smile is contagious, as it is obvious that you love helping others. A great smile does make a difference, and I owe you and the wonderful ladies that you work with a tremendous thanks for helping me achieve a beautiful smile!

With Love,

Wendy G.

Mrs. Texas U.S. 2008

Dear Dr. Mojdehi,

"Toni, remember to put your hand over your mouth when you laugh."

These were the words I told myself all of my life. I didn't want anyone to see my teeth. At age 62, I talked with my dentist about wearing braces for the second time in my life. I had worn braces for about 8 years as a kid. (My orthodontist told my parents that I was the worst case that he had ever seen.) My dentist told me that getting my teeth straightened would help me keep my teeth longer because they would be easier to clean and have less erosion. I was convinced.

Three orthodontist gave me a consultation. Two of these dentists suggested plans that would require the pulling of several teeth plus the possibility of surgery. Dr. Mojdehi's plan did not include the removal of teeth because she told me "removing teeth flattens the face in adults, and I won't do it."

I was told that braces would take about two years... Oh my! In two years, I would be 64. Then I realized that in two years I would be 64 whether I wore braces or not.

I chose Dr. Mojdehi for my orthodontist because I thought that she was the smartest, the prettiest, the most professional and I enjoyed the atmosphere of her office and her friendly staff.

Wearing braces wasn’t more difficult as an adult because I was a compliant patient. I meticulously brushed, flossed, wore rubber bands, and avoided the banned foods. At the end of 17 months, my braces came off and I was ecstatic with the results.

Thank you, Dr. Mojdehi. Now I enjoy smiling without putting my hand over my mouth.


Toni J.


Thank you so much for making us feel welcome and comfortable. From the very first visit, we were impressed with the friendliness of the staff and general atmosphere of the office. But most impressive was the amount of time that Dr. Barnes spent with us answering questions and thoroughly covering the treatment plan. We never felt rushed. What a wonderful experience. Thanks again.

Susie and Elise H.

We were welcomed into the office, and the lady in the front office walked over and personally greeted us, making an effort to go out of her way to shake our hand. It's the little things that matter in life, and this office has definitely gone above their means to follow through on every detail. Thank you!

Cameron B.

We just love you guys! Everyone there is so nice and accommodating! It was especially surprising to be greeted by a front desk person who was very friendly and sweet! So many front desk people seem to be "burned out" and have bad attitudes, but not her! She was great! (Sorry, I can't remember her name)

Will T.

Sydney Review

Far and away the best explanation of treatment and process of our 4 consultations. Yours was the only one which expressed purpose and mechanics in a meaningful way.

Riley G.

I have been completely satisfied and extremely impressed with the friendly and professional staff at your office. I am a new patient, but I would recommend your practice to my friends. Thank you.

Beth S.

Everyone is so friendly and helpful. All my son’s concerns were answered, and we both cannot wait to get started. I don't think that I have ever had such prompt service, and I have been to your office three times now. Bravo!

Joseph T.

Fabulous office and staff! Love the way that kids are inspired to participate in their dental health care!

Lauren S.

This is surely the best medical office that we have been to. Dr. Mojdehi-Barnes is extremely efficient and competent, and I like that she runs an organized, tight ship.


We had a previous consultation with another orthodontist and found Dr. Barnes much more thorough and diplomatic in her explanations. I also really appreciated that we were offered written and detailed financial information even though we will not be ready for treatment for another 6 months.

Jordan S.

Mason and I were very happy with our first visit. We did not know what to expect. I had another appointment with another orthodontist and canceled it because you guys made us feel so welcome. This was a new experience for Mason, and he was a little scared. You made him feel comfortable. Thanks!

Mason S.

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