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Dr. Mojdehi-Barnes stays current with the latest research in orthodontic care through continuing education courses and study club memberships to provide her patients the safest, most effective, and latest technologies available today.

We purchase our products from well-respected companies, such as 3M Unitek and Ormco, to ensure the most comfortable, esthetic, safe and efficient treatment available.

The following are some examples of technology at its best:

  • Digital photography, X-rays, models; better for us, you and the environment
  • Computerized analysis of your teeth and bone structure for better treatment planning
  • Computerized treatment planning to make sure every detail of your treatment plan is closely followed
  • Body heat-activated shape memory wires (Nickel-Titanium or NiTi wires) that are easily engaged into the braces and gently align teeth over time
  • Low-friction, non-binding brackets to move teeth efficiently
  • Dr. Mojdehi-Barnes offers clear braces at no additional cost. Clear or ceramic braces from 3M Unitek, called Clarity™ brackets, have metal inserts to allow most efficient tooth movement. These ceramic braces (as opposed to plastic braces) do not chip or stain over time. They will look as good as new the day we take them off.
  • iStock-853577296Dr. Mojdehi-Barnes is an Invisalign certified orthodontist. Invisalign is designed to move your teeth using a series of clear aligners. Please see our Invisalign® page for more details.

  • Computerized treatment simulation for patient education and motivation
  • Interactive web service with automated phone and e-mail appointment reminders (you can even choose to receive a text message one hour before your visit), online access to your appointments and account information

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